Monday, August 8, 2011


Fred Dekker & Chogrin

A big THANK-YOU to everyone who came out this Saturday night (August 6th, 2011) for the 1-NIGHT-ONLY, MONSTER CREEPS SHOW in tribute to the films by Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps & Monster Squad). The event featured art tributes by selected artists from the Autumn Society ( and other special guests.

I would like thank writer & director, Fred Dekker, for coming out and making this event so special and possible. Thank-you for creating such timeless & epic movies that have touched the hearts of many geeks like myself around the world.

Another big thank-you Del & Sue over at Dark Delicacies ( for letting me host the event at their wonderful store. Many more events to come here!

Other BIG thank-yous to the following people and sponsors for making this event possible!

-Justin Gray (, for creating the amazing MONSTER CREEPS show poster, and for getting me back into Monster Squad & introducing me to Night of the Creeps.

-Rondal Scott III for providing the the talents of Brent Engstrom & Corlen Kruger, and for his sponsorship with STRANGE KIDS CLUB (

-Dick Grunert for his Horror movie consultation and sponsorship with his DEAD OF NIGHT RADIO (

-FRIGHT-RAGS ( for their sponsorship and a copy of the awesome "Night of the Creeps meets Monster Squad" poster by Jason Edmiston

-All the MONSTER CREEPS / ARTISTS: Todd Spence, Sara Turner, Ashley Long, Glen Brogan, Kali Meadows, Brent Engstrom, Corlen Kruger, Bobby O'herlihy, Mark Fionda Jr., Karla Jane, Kasey Tarauj, and Pedro Delgado

-Germain Lussier from /FILM for coming out and doing an amazing Q&A with Fred, before the screening of Monster Squad at the Banshee Theater.

-Rich Collado for always helping me get things done on time and covering all my events!

And a last special shout out to my mom and family for letting me watch these kinds of movies while growing up and making me who I am today.

Video & other coverage soon!

"The Crew" From left to left to right: Dick Grunert, Noel Belknap, Del Howison, Fred Dekker, Chogrin, Ashley Long, Kali Meadows

"The signing" From left to right: Todd Spence, Brent Engstrom, Ashley Long, Chogrin, Fred Dekker

Del & Fred hold the Monster Creeps poster by Justin Gray

Fred & Chogrin signing the last poster!


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